The party has known one another for almost a decade and a half when the campaign begins. Their leader, Raul, has been missing for the last 13 years. Despite this the group has had a long series of adventures together. Many successes, and some failures as well. The group spent months looking for their lost friend & leader but in the end they had to assume he was lost forever and so gave up hope of ever finding him again. Some in the party still felt guilt at losing him and then not searching until he was found, one way or another.

The game opens with the party camped just outside of the capital where King Beorjn the Wise has summoned them for a mission. They are relaxing and enjoying the cool night air when they hear footsteps approaching. The newcomers are obviously trying to be sneaky, but are not doing a very good job of it. Upon realizing that they may intend our heroes harm, they take up their weapons and easily subdue their foes. Unfortunately, due to the darkness, and surrounding trees and rocks it ss not discovered until the attackers are dead that they were only kids. Found among their remains are a map of the kingdom, some Aurora Specs, and a note that shows they were runaways from an orphanage. The party assumes that they thought they could get a bit of gold by robbing some travelers along the road before they set out on their own. The party, feeling guilty for killing these poor kids,  buries the bodies in the forest, and tries to get some sleep, though it’s not very easy now.

The next morning they head down to the city and go before the king. Upon arriving he happily greets them all and explains that he would like them to collect a gem that belonged to his ancestors called the Jewel of Drespen. He promises them wealth beyond their greatest imagination and shows them that he most certainly can live up to that promise, as he takes them to a vault that houses billions of silver, gold and platinum coins.  It looks like a seemingly unlimited supply of wealth. He warns the party that while this adventure will indeed pay quite well, it is also of great danger. He explains that many others have been sent, but none have returned. The group, without hesitation accepts, and makes arrangements for the day. During the stay at the palace each member received gifts from the king including chocolate d20s that would restore a small amount of HP when eaten.

Red, Binyah, Feather, Gathrak, and River all set out the next day towards the mountain that it was known the stolen jewel was being housed. They came across a mound that appeared to have a cave entrance. When donning the magic spectacles it could be seen that this was a magical place that should not be taken lightly. The group entered the cave; and was immediately closed in when the doorway disappeared and was replaced by a smooth seemingly solid rock wall.

They can see two light sources. One to the left, and one to the right. The rogue does a bit of recon and finds down the right path a group of 24 Drow working, digging a tunnel. To the left, he sees 6 more Drow and a stone giant. After some discussion, they decide to attack the group of Drow with the stone giant first. One of our party summons an Earth Elemental to help with the fight and things appear to be going well for them. Little is being done in the way of damage to our heroes, and much is being done to our Drow and giant enemies. Suddenly out of nowhere an enormous burst of blindingly bright light flashes and a thunderous, deafening, BOOOOMing sound echoes through the cave.

What felt like hours, but was probably only moments passed. The party started to realize they were lying on the ground in an unfamiliar place.  As their vision and hearing started to slowly return they began to notice their surroundings. They were in what appeared to be a very large room with several large tables, chairs and other strange features. To one side of the room were a large bank of windows that stretched from floor to ceiling and through the windows was coming what seemed to be diffused yellow/orange sunlight, though it was unlike any sunlight any of them had seen before.

Out the windows could be seen towers of glass and some kind of metal. These towers stretched high into the sky.  There also appeared to be large numbers of people ambling about. Some seemed to be human, others were unrecognizable, and others looked to be poorly dressed wizards, catfolk, dwarfs, elves, and orcs.

Back in the room, there was a chest that was covered in black char marks, it was giving off a bit of smoke and strong smell of burnt wood.  Using his lock picking prowess, Red finds a d20 that seems pretty heavy for its size.  Playing around with it Red rolls the die on the table and disappears to be replaced by a chicken.  All of Reds gear disappears and he can now not communicate with the rest of the party.

Binyah decides to go ask around and find out where they are.  The chicken formerly known as Red runs out the door and takes off in the opposite direction. Feather tries to stop him by grabbing one of his feathers but it just pulls out, this causes Red a very small amount of pain.  For a brief second the party hears what sounds like an army of chickens clucking on the air, but it quickly passes.

Binyah walks up to a man dressed as what she can only assume is a wizard of some kind and asks if he can tell them where she is. The response is much less than enthusiastic. He actually says he doesn’t talk to people who do drugs and walks away with a look of disgust on his face.

Feather also decides to leave the room and attempt to find out where they are. She is clearly much more comfortable with the people and gets the answer of “Chicago Comicon” from a young girl dressed as what appears to be a wood elf of some kind. The child has a small silver, blue, and yellow shield and sword.  They look quite nice, but also something seems off about them. Whatever a Comicon is, it apparently is a place where our heroes will not seem out of place.

River and Binyah explore down one corridor and discover a display with a large slug-like creature perched upon a large dais.  He is surrounded by several humans and other unfamiliar races. Many of the females are scantily dressed, some are even chained to the slug creature. Above the slug is a sign that in big bold letters says “STAR WARS”.  Large boxes around the area have some kind of demonstration of weapons on them.  The weapons are insanely powerful looking. Binyah, after some awkward interaction with a merchant, manages to purchase six of these very powerful “weapons”. They are called “light sabers”.  Each one she purchased had a different color blade. One of which she was told is super rare and was much more gold then the others.  The merchant was very happy to get the small pile of gold coins Binyah gave him.

Gathrak and Feather wandered down a different corridor. They found a display of scantily clad people with large muscles calling themselves “The WWE”.  Gathrak, being a bit of a gladiator and performer himself, was quite taken with these people. After some chatting with one of the WWE men, he was invited to take part in a gladiatorial display in the front of the building they were having that evening.

They had some time before the event, so they explored some more. Finding a shop that sold armor Gathrak purchased a gauntlet that he was told was made of “foam rubber”. It looked very real, but was very, very light and kind of soft.  He knew it would not be a practical piece of armor, but he was quite taken with the look of the spiked gauntlet and wished to own it regardless.  So he too, after a bit of back and forth with the merchant was able to trade several gold coins for the Gauntlet of Chicago.

The group met back up in that room they first appeared in and shared what they had experienced. Red soon returned in his normal form as well, so it appeared the effect of the chicken was only an hour or so. After being in the room for a few moments, the door opened and a woman and man walked in. A woman calling herself Dr. Hawking, and someone who she said was her assistant.

Dr. Hawking explained they had been pulled out of their world and into hers by an experiment she was conducting with something called “dark matter”.  She explains that she is familiar with their world, and that she happens to be a descendent of an extremely powerful Elf sorcerer that is well known in the world of our heroes by the name of Lairlan Faehorn. Dr. Hawking demonstrates that she herself is quite powerful by turning Gathrak’s new gauntlet into real metal and leather.  She requests they all come to her penthouse to discuss the situation and how she might be able to get them home. She opens a portal from the room to what looks like a palace, but the party explains that Gathrak has an engagement going on that night, so they decide to go down to the WWE stage outside the convention center before venturing to Dr. Hawking’s home.

The group goes to see Gathrak in his display. He is greeted by the wrestler that he spoke too on the convention floor.  He says his name is Val Venus and takes Gathrak backstage to introduce him to several wrestlers that are all great examples of gladiatorial performers. Finally he is introduced to the boss, Vince.  Vince is immediately impressed by Gathrak, and decides he will let him perform at the event.  Vince introduces Gathrak to The Undertaker and they hatch out a match that will be both entertaining and will be quite impressive as well.

The match lasts a good 45 minutes with lots of impressive moves, in the end Gathrak takes the pin and is tossed into a casket which then bursts into flames.  Druids come can carry the burning casket to the backstage area and Gathrak emerges as over the house sound system he hears the Undertaker still in the ring say “REST… IN… PEACE”.  A few moments later the Undertake comes through the curtain with a huge smile on his face.  “THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! Vince, give this guy a contract right now or I walk.”  Val is there as well, and he too was very impressed with Gathrak’s performance.  Vince offers Gathrak a very lucrative contract, but Gathrak declines stating that he must complete a mission but may return one day.  The crowd was still cheering and chanting “GATHRAK”,”GATHRAK”,”GATHRAK”.  Val gave him his phone number and suggested they meet up after the show for a one on one interview. Everyone in the group, other than Gathrak went to Dr. Hawking’s apartment. Gathrak went to meet up with Val.

Overnight Red plays with the d20 to discover what else would happen.  He learns four or five of the sides and it seems each number is associated with a specific animal that you will turn into for one hour.  You don’t keep any of your magical abilities but gain strength if the animal’s strength is greater than your own. Otherwise you keep your strength.

The next morning Gathrak meets up with the group at Dr. Hawking’s apartment and she lays out for them where they need to go and recover the dark matter she needs to get them back home. They need to infiltrate a secret, heavily guarded, military lab deep below a government building and it will take a couple days for the right time to come for them to attempt the break in. Dr. Hawking also uses her magic to lay an illusion on the non-human party members to make them be able to walk the streets without notice.

During these couple of days the group discusses how to achieve their goal. Deciding to bribe the guards, Red and Gathrak attempt to rob a bank and shake down a gold buying shop.  Both situations do not end well. They take some damage, but don’t get arrested or harmed greatly. Since bribery won’t work, so it seems, they decide on a full on assault by walking in the front door.

One of her informants that work in the lab, indicates that now is the ideal time and the group move in. They manage to get to the heavily secure level deep down in the basement of the lab that holds the dark matter.  Our heroes are having difficulty getting through the guards and the lab personnel. Then without warning an alarm claxon starts blaring and the lights turn red.  The elevator that they took down to the basement lab opens and out steps an enormous man easily 8 feet tall, and shoulders are about 6 feet across.  Biceps the size of tree trunks, hands the size of manhole covers.  He steps out and the guards turn and start firing on him with their extremely powerful weapons.  He lifts his hand and a wave of power and energy passes over the guards and they all fall unconscious.  He turns to our party and bellows, “Get what you need and get off my planet.” He then walks back into the elevator from whence he came.

With a bit of work, the party is able to get the big vault door open. They see a large round room laid out before them.  On the left are thirty glass tubes each with a creature native to the party’s homeworld.  So they are not the first from their world to come here.  The party spends a few moment looking around the room.  Along the walls besides the tubes are cabinets, drawers, and boxes.  In the middle of the room are four pillars, on the pillars are heavy metal boxes.

The party starts grabbing anything that looks useful from the cabinets, drawers and boxes around the vault.  Gathrak checks the boxes in the middle of the floor.  The first box had 2 stone tablets with some text carved into them. He could not read the text but there was a note. He took them and put them into his bag. In another box was nothing. Gathrak opens the third box and as he lifts the lid he releases about two dozen spiders and scorpions that head straight for the unconscious guards burrowing into their unconscious mass. In the fourth box he finds the dark matter samples.  With the materials in hand, they just need to go up the elevator to escape.

It is at this moment Gathrak realizes some of those people in the tubes are humanoid/non-monster folks and he wants to save them. Gathrak and Red attempt to free them.  The chambers open and the waking process starts. A display says it will take 45 minutes to complete.  They soon realize that not only did they open the chambers for the humanoid creatures, but also the 14 non humanoids. Realizing that they should now de-ass the area with the quickness, they run for the elevator and as the doors start to close the guards start exploding with thousands and thousands of tiny spiders and scorpions. The party starts planning attacks, but the bugs head towards the still unconscious group in the vault instead. The last thing they see as the doors close is at least 100,000 bugs enveloping the glass tubes in the vault. Gathrak gets this look of complete horror on his face and says in complete shock, both in and out of character “I just killed all those people.”

Upon returning to the penthouse, they discover it has been broken into and Dr. Hawking is not there. Her assistant says she was taken by the police, but he doesn’t really know why.  They try to get more information out of the assistant but he’s still in shock.  Not too long after this though, a portal opens in the living room and Dr. Hawking steps out.  She explains she will soon be leaving this world and no one will be able to remember her. She also states she’ll take care of the mess in the lab. The group, dumbfounded as to how she even knows about the incredible mess they left behind, go with her to her lab which is housed in a different location.

In her lab she activates a large circular portal with the dark matter.  Everyone but Binyah goes through the portal.  Binyah holds back and discusses with Dr. Hawking a personal shame she has dealt with her entire life.  When she grew out of her tadpole-hood her tail never complete disappeared.  Dr. Hawking is indeed able to assist her with this, but it will hurt… a lot, Binyah accepts the pain.

Dr. Hawking does some magic pointing at Binyah’s rear, and with a bang her tail is gone. Leaving behind a bright yellow spot where it used to be.  Binyah, after taking incredible harm from this magic limps through the portal to her homeland.

Everyone recuperates overnight with a long sleep and decides to move on to the mountain that was their original goal. Along the way they get to a small town and take lodging, with Gathrak setting up a match to promote himself.

Feather meets an old wise woman who tells her many things about the party and their future.  The woman has a pet cat that has the same markings as Feather.  She also tells Feather that one of the rings she got from the vault can turn her into any other race she would like.  So, Feather decides to have the ring set to turn her into a dragonborn.  She then goes and “fights” Gathrak in his match as this new dragonborn.  No one else in the group knows that Feather is now this dragonborn, and she befriends Gathrak as a newcomer. Binyah meanwhile, finds a date and the two fast fall in love spending the entire night together.

When the group gather at the gate to leave town next morning they discover that Feather is nowhere to be found.  They ask around various shops and random people on the street, no one seems to know where Feather is. They decide she must have gone on without them. This would be unusual for Feather, but she is so random from time to time it very well could be true.  Feather decides it is time to reveal herself to the group and takes off the ring.

The group moves on and eventually gets close to the volcano their objective lies in. They find an old cabin and Red approaches cautiously, but it turns out the area is not hostile. The party is met with the old woman who earlier helped Feather, and a very old man.  They are talking when they discover that the old man is Lairlan Faehorn.  They are talking when the old woman flashes in a quick burst of flame and then quickly rots away before their eyes. After a few moment, Lairlan does the same. The party not knowing what to do stare in shock at the corpses.  After several moments they begin to glow, the light getting brighter and brighter over the course of several minutes.  After about 5 minutes the light fades and sitting where the corpses were are a beautiful woman, and handsome elf man.  They open their eyes and Lairlan says “That’s better.”

After some more conversation Lairlan offers to turn the lightsabers into full fledged weapons each of which are extremely powerful. He also gives the party 2 bottles of Frosty Bite, indicating one could swim in lava without being harmed upon consuming them for up to one hour. The old woman reveals to Binyah the reason she has been feeling so terrible over the last few days, she will be a mother soon!

Binyah’s lightsaber is a black beam which also proves to be more powerful than the others, although all of the lightsabers prove to be rather potent weapons. He also helps Red by identifying the remaining sides of the mysterious d20. The party rests for the night and goes into the volcano the next day.

They are met with a foreboding voice warning them to turn back or face death, whom they recognize as Agamemnon the evil wizard who stole the gem they seek. They press on. The group goes through the first hallway confronted with a riddle that is solved by smearing lava on the wall to open a door. The group is accosted by various bad guys who they overcome, some with ease, and others with some trouble.  They stumble into a large room with a sloping floor and the roof starts lowering. Binyah, being the smallest of the group lays flat on the floor in the deep part and hollers out, “Roll the weird animal die!”

The team roll the die one at a time and everyone turns into a small enough animal they can huddle down with Binyah, except River.  River rolls and becomes a large, black dragon that takes up most of the room. The ceiling cracks under his massive bulk and injures him in the process. Shattering both his shoulder blades, spine, and pelvis. These injuries persist after the group reverts back to their regular shapes. He is soon healed by a potion and a healing wand.

Finally, the group comes across The Pet, a creature that seems to be a blob of blackish tar. A beam of energy, or light is coming through the lava connecting to the thing. It doesn’t react to being spoken to or standard attacks, indeed doesn’t really do much of anything until Binyah and Gathrak dive into the lava, protected from the burning heat with the crystal cold substance given to them hours before. The creature activates and has devastating attacks while seemingly impervious to what little the party does against it. Gathrak, through a well intended but ill advised suggestion by Red puts his lightsaber through the beam and it’s damaged as a result. After some time Gathrak and Binyah swim through the lava and find a glowing gem on a pedestal. Gathrak destroys said gem and The Pet disappears, leaving a naked man curled up in the fetal position in his place covered in black sticky goo. Red slowly approaches the man and tries to touch him, but upon doing so an instant flash of 13 years of torture and despair floods his mind. It is soon clear that this is Raul, their missing leader. He wakes up a moment later and indicates that as powerful as the group is, they would still be no match for Agamemnon. He then says that he was in charge of protecting the item the king had sent the group to find, and unwillingly slaughtered the adventurers that had come before fully aware of his actions but unable to prevent himself from doing it while under Agamemnon’s influence, which is now broken. He unlocks a chamber that leads to a ladder going down to a vault like chamber. In it there are many treasures, but he warns the group that time is short. So Binyah speeds down the ladder, finds what they’re looking for and runs back up. She tells the group there are untold treasures down there, so many items on so many pillars, they really should try to come back some day and explore.

The group runs out of the volcano just in time and Agamemnon warns that they will meet again. The group returns to the king triumphantly and he gives them all the wealth he promised as well as a few magic items of the individual’s choosing. To Binyah he also gives the title of mayor to the town the group had come across after returning from Earth. Upon giving Red his requests, the rogue gives warning of Agamemnon and requests resources to help find him as well as the means for the group to quickly contact one another. The king is happy to give the group messaging stones they can use to contact each other over great distance. Later that night, Lore visits Gathrak and not only repairs the damaged lightsaber but makes it more powerful than it was, like Binyah’s.

So ends the first installment of this grand adventure.  Our group will surely have more amazing adventures together, and Binyah will soon learn the pride and folly of motherhood.



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Custom Stuff

D20 Of Polymorph

A golden twenty-sided die which weighs much more than it should.  Effect lasts for 1 hour and can not be reversed until it wears off.


  1. Horse
  2. Bear
  3. Cat
  4. Black Fly
  5. Mouse
  6. Wolf
  7. Black Dragon
  8. Chicken
  9. Eagle
  10.  Slug
  11.  Pig
  12.  Puppy
  13.  Torch Slug
  14.  Jackalop
  15.  Doom Cobra
  16.  Titan Scorpion
  17.  Tusked Elaphant
  18.  Toad
  19.  Porcupine
  20.  Lion

A Flagon of Nothing

This bottle appears to be empty, but when you hold it to your lips you can taste a cool refreshing liquid. If you drink the liquid you feel lighter and stronger than you ever have before. Add 30 to your speed and +4 to all strength and constitution checks for 4 hours.

Aura Specs

These glasses allow the wearer to see a glowing aura around anyone able to use magic.  The brighter the aura the stronger the magic user is.  The specs also allow the wearer to see thorugh a magical illusion, disguise, and cloak.

Life By Chocolate

A mesh bag of 12 foil wrapped chocolate d20s. When eaten the player is given 40 temp HP that lasts for one day. The HP can stack, but you must roll a % dice if the dice roll is less then 70 you gain no added THP but if the roll is less then 40 you lose 40 HP. First chocolate requires no roll.

Frosty Bite

This extremely cold bottle of sparkling blue liquid shimmers with what looks like tiny diamonds in the light. When drunk you shiver as if an arctic wind is at your back. You are immune to all fire, lava, and heat effects for 60 minutes, you can swim in lava.


Energy bladed weapon that does an insane amount of damage.  The weapon also has a ranged attack mode that shoots energy blasts at a great distance.


Mele: 5x D12 + 12
Ranged 4x D10 + 10

Black Blade Adds 20 to total damage.


All players are level 12.

Binya – Bullywug Ranger
Feather – Tabaxi Warlock
Red – Human Rogue
River – Air Genasi Warlock
Gathrack – Half Orc Fighter

The Pet

AC 23
HP 12783
Speed 0
Perception 25


Creature is approximately 40 feet tall and 120 feet around.  Appearance is that of a giant blob of tar but with some features.  Features include two massive mandible claws and a towering tail curlesled up over the creatures back like a forked scorpion stinger.  Smell coming off of the creature is very strong of sulfur and rotten flesh.


Charms, Sleep, Grapple, Fire, Energy, Psychic, Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning.


Cold, Water, Ice

Abilities & Attacks

Legendary Resistance 4x Daily – If The Pet fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead.

Upto 4 Attacks be taken during The Pet’s turn.  Two from claws, one from tail, and a spit attack.

Tail Energy Blast Ranged Attack
Range 200ft. 4x D12 + 12 Lightening Energy Damage
Can not be used if target is less then 30 ft away. 

Mandible Claw Melee Attack
Range 45ft. 6x D8 + 10 Bludgeoning, Pinching, or Piercing Damage

Spit Attack Poison Ranged Attack
Range 120ft. 3x D8 + 6 Poison Damage (Player must roll a save of 14 or better or take an additional 1x D8 per round for 5 Rounds).

Spit Attack Tar Splat Ranged Attack
Range 120ft. 2x D8 + 4 – If successful, the Tar Splat will hold a player immobile and unable to attack.  Player must roll a strength save better then a 17 or remain trapped for 3 rounds. Others can roll to help free the trapped player as an action, helping player must still beat the strength 17 saving throw or risk getting trapped as well.

Lava Wave AOE (Single Use Attack)
Area of Attack: 30ft. 10x D10 + 0
DC+DEX of 19 or better or failed save.  Successful save takes 1/2 damage & no Ignition.
Failed save, Player(s) are ignited and take an additional 2x D10 of fire damage per round for 5 rounds or until an action is spent to put the player(s) out.