Pigmy Desperately Needs a New Computer:

Her current pc was purchased in 2011 and I have upgraded  it dozens of times over the years.  But it’s at the point now where it can’t be updated any further and some of the components are beginning to break down.  At least 5 times a day the system will blue screen even after a clean Windows 10 install.  I’ve ran every diagnostic I can think of but nothing conclusive is returned.  A physical inspection of the motherboard shows that one or two caps appear to be swolen, but it’s just not work replacing that motherboard at this point.

She has done so much for me and others over the years, given so freely of her time, energy, and love; and now attending college and working towards a degree in Business Management, I think it’s time she got something back.  Pigmy’s 40th Birthday is on May 11th, I’ve done the research, and I will need about $1200 to build her a reasonably good computer that she can use for school and for playing her favorite games on.  I’ve listed the specs for this system I wish to build her below.  I’ve also listed some things I am able to sell in exchange for a few dollars to help earn the money for this system.

Please consider purchasing one of the items on offer and help me give Pigmy a great birthday present.  If you wish to not purchase an item but still would like to help, you can donate at paypal.me/tsnowcrash.

To make a purchase of one of the items below fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  Once I have received your submission I’ll contact you to get more info about what you want your final purchase to look like.  I’ll also have you make your payment with the same link above.  Due to the nature of what I’m offering it will take me some time to finish your purchase.  I will send you a preview of the item when it is done, but will not deliver the final product until payment is made in full.

One last thing, I’ll give discounts on multiple items being purchased.  For example, if you pick an Avatar, 3D Minecraft Skin Image, and a YouTube Header I’ll give you the avatar for free. ($5 off)


These offers are expreing soon.  I will no longer accept new orders under these prices after March 6, 2020.  If you wish to contact me for a free quote after 3/6/20 please do so however.

3D Minecraft Skin Render Image

HD $5
4K $10

The render features a prop of your choice, and a custom pose.
Only for JAVA based Skin Files.

HD Resolution is 1000 px Tall
4K Resolution is  2100 px Tall

Streamer/YouTube Creator Logo

HD $50

High resolution raster image for marketing your content on Social Media, in videos, and on live streams.  Designed to your specifications and requirements.  Some limitations may apply

YouTube or Social Media Header


Custom designed header for your specific platform.  YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or specify your preferred platform

Twitch Overlays, Layouts,Alerts, Icons, etc.

Starting at $5 up to $40

Everything from a basic Stream overlay to a full set of custom graphics and alerts.  Designd to your specifications and needs.

3D Minecraft Animated Skin Render

HD $20
4K $25

The render features a prop of your choice, and a custom pose.
Only for JAVA based Skin Files.  Simple or no backgrounds only.  Animation can not be longer than 10 seconds.

HD Resolution is 1920×1080
4K Resolution is 3840×2160

YouTube Intro or Outro

HD Intro $20

HD Outro $15

HD Intro & Outro Combo $30

4K Intro $25

4K Outro $20

4K Intro & Outro Combo $35 

High quality custom Intro or Outro for your YouTube content.  Featuring sounds and music of your choice (Copyright permitting)  Music suggestions can be made upon request.

HD Resolution is 1920×1080
4K Resolution is 3840×2160