This is a list of the custom things I created for a campaign I ran called the Jewel of Drespin.  The campaign didn’t get to be finished unfortunately.  But I didn’t want these items to be lost or forgotten in case I get to use them in another game later.  I also thought, they may be useful to someone else.  So here is my custom game loot, feel free to use any or all of these in your own campaign.

Magical Items:

D20 Of Polymorph

A golden twenty-sided die which weighs much more than it should.  Effect lasts for 1 hour and can not be reversed until it wears off. 

All player abilities are that of the animal and they lose any casting abilities while in animal form.  Player can understand any language they normaly speak but can not reply.


  1. Horse
  2. Bear
  3. Cat
  4. Black Fly
  5. Mouse
  6. Wolf
  7. Black Dragon
  8. Chicken
  9. Eagle
  10.  Slug
  11.  Pig
  12.  Puppy
  13.  Torch Slug
  14.  Jackalop
  15.  Doom Cobra
  16.  Titan Scorpion
  17.  Tusked Elaphant
  18.  Toad
  19.  Porcupine
  20.  Lion

Life By Chocolate

A mesh bag of 12 foil wrapped chocolate D20s. When eaten the player is given 40 temp HP that lasts for one day. The HP can stack, but you must roll a % dice if the dice roll is less then 70 you gain no added THP but if the roll is less then 40 you lose 40 HP. First chocolate requires no roll.

Tome & Amulet of Knowledge

A book and amulet that give the user helpful information for completing puzzles or defeating enemies.  The book is unreadable without the Amulet, and the Amulet has no other abilities.  Once the user finds the Amulet they must place it around their neck in order to gain the knowledge to read the book.  The book has a symbol on the front that looks just like the amulet.

A Flagon of Nothing

This bottle appears to be empty, but when you hold it to your lips you can taste a cool refreshing liquid. If you drink the liquid you feel lighter and stronger than you ever have before. Add 30 to your speed and +4 to all strength and constitution checks for 4 hours.

Aura Specs

These glasses allow the wearer to see a glowing aura around anyone able to use magic.  The brighter the aura the stronger the magic user is.  The specs also allow the wearer to see through a magical illusion, disguise, and cloak.  The aura color represents the type of magic being cast.

Gold = Illusion
Blue = Positive/Healing
Red = Negative/Harming
Purple = Arcane
White = Devine


Frosty Bite

This extremely cold bottle of sparkling blue liquid shimmers with what looks like tiny diamonds in the light. When drunk you shiver as if an arctic wind is at your back. You are immune to all fire, lava, and heat effects for 60 minutes, you can also swim in lava.

Black Eye Amulet

An ornate and complex looking item of unknown material attached to a heavy golden chain. A moving black eye stares at you as if looking into your soul.  When worn around the neck the wearer is given knowledge about an enemys weaknesses. The effect is disorienting, DM Rolls a D8 total is subtracted from any player rolls for next 3 rounds.

Golden Feather of Biorn

Large golden feather of an Avariel King.  It is said that if you poses this feather you are able to soar among the heavens like the Avariel themselves. Though it’s unknown how exactly that is supposed to work.

First use requires a fall of 100 feet to activate. Once active, the player can fly at will up to 500 feet high and at speeds of 60 x an athletics or dex check. Use is player level per day. So level 3 player can fly 3 times a day.

Custom Weapons/Armor:

Blade Of Drespin & Ring

A 6 bladed star about the size of a dinner plate.  When thrown the blades extend and produce a spinning saw like weapon that can cut through anything and anyone.  Must have the Ring of Drespin in order to use the Blade.  With the Ring you can control the Blade’s direction and return.


Ranged 3 D12 + 10

Can attack upto 8 enemies who all take the same amount of damage.  A critical hit does 3x damage.

 Ring gives a +4 to Strength and Dex score.

Boots of The Cloud

Large armored boots that weight next to nothing.  They appear to be black, but in bright light they look golden colored.  When worn you feel much lighter on your feet, as if you could run forever, or maybe even fly.


Add your strength modifier multiplied by 5 to your speed as long as these boots are worn.

If health is at full and strength is above a score of 15, you are able to jump upto 30 feet and hover in in that spot for 1 minute. Any damage will cause you to fall at a lower speed then normal taking no damage.  Boot do not have feather fall however, so jumping off of high areas are done at normal damage and speed.



Energy bladed weapon that does an extreme amount of damage.  The weapon also has a ranged attack mode that shoots energy blasts up to 360 feet (Reduce damage by 25% every 120 feet).

Can cut through metal, stone, & glass at a rate of 1 foot per second.


Mele: 5 D12 + 12
Ranged 4 D10 + 8

Black Blade Adds 12 to total damage.

Bands of Traveling

Two silver wrist bands adorned with various symbols.  Attached are golden charms each matching a symbol on the bands. Total of 8 symbols.  By leaving one of the golden symbols in an area, when you touch the two matching symbols on the bands together a gateway will open allowing you to return to that area.  The gateway stays open as long as the two band touch.  If a closes whiel someone is passing though it, that player must roll a % to see if they made it before it closes.



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Custom Monster:

The Pet

AC 25
HP 783
Speed 0
Perception 12


Creature is approximately 40 feet tall and 120 feet around.  Appearance is that of a giant blob of tar but with some features.  Features include two massive mandible claws and a towering tail curlesled up over the creatures back like a forked scorpion stinger.  Smell coming off of the creature is very strong of sulfur and rotten flesh.


Charms, Sleep, Grapple, Fire, Energy, Psychic, Slashing, Piercing, Bludgeoning.


Cold, Water, Ice

Abilities & Attacks

Legendary Resistance 4x Daily – If The Pet fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead.

Upto 4 Attacks be taken during The Pet’s turn.  Two from claws, one from tail, and a spit attack.

Tail Energy Blast Ranged Attack
Range 200ft. 4x D12 + 12 Lightening Energy Damage
Can not be used if target is less then 30 ft away. 

Mandible Claw Melee Attack
Range 45ft. 6x D8 + 10 Bludgeoning, Pinching, or Piercing Damage

Spit Attack Poison Ranged Attack
Range 120ft. 3x D8 + 6 Poison Damage (Player must roll a save of 14 or better or take an additional 1x D8 per round for 5 Rounds).

Spit Attack Tar Splat Ranged Attack
Range 120ft. 2x D8 + 4 – If successful, the Tar Splat will hold a player immobile and unable to attack.  Player must roll a strength save better then a 17 or remain trapped for 3 rounds. Others can roll to help free the trapped player as an action, helping player must still beat the strength 17 saving throw or risk getting trapped as well.

Lava Wave AOE (Single Use Attack)
Area of Attack: 30ft. 10x D10 + 0
DC+DEX of 19 or better or failed save.  Successful save takes 1/2 damage & no Ignition.
Failed save, Player(s) are ignited and take an additional 2x D10 of fire damage per round for 5 rounds or until an action is spent to put the player(s) out.


Easiest way to kill the creature is to break the spell that controls it.  It’s a slave to a evil wizard.  There is a nearby crystal hidden in the dungeon, by destroying the crystal the spell is broken and the creature will return to it’s original form.  The first player to touch the restored NPC must roll a will save of 19 or higher or they will be cursed and began turning into the next Pet over the next 5 days, but they can be cured by a powerful wizard.

If the player turns they become the new pet and will face off against the party will all the same abilities as above.  The Pet does not die, only gets the spell broken upon defeat, even if defeat is just hitting it till it’s HP is depleted.

Once cured, the player gets a perminate HP buff of an additional 20% of it’s max HP and if they are a caster they learn the energy Tail Energy Blast at 50% the above numbers. as an attack action 2x day.  This is in additon to all their other spells and casting abilities.