Welcome to TSnowCrash.com the home of CrashShop, as well as where I discuss all the things that plague my every waking moment.

Things like music, movies, books, tabletop and video games, food, and everything else geeky in the world. On this site I house all my inner thoughts, things I create, enjoy, hate, love, and just find interesting.

I hope you enjoy your time here and that you find something in the madhouse that you enjoy.

Custom Tabletop Items & Weapons

This is a list of the custom things I created for a campaign I ran called the Jewel of Drespin.  The campaign didn't get to be finished unfortunately.  But I didn't want these items to be lost or forgotten in case I get to use them in another game later.  I also...

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I Ran My First D&D Campain

The party has known one another for almost a decade and a half when the campaign begins. Their leader, Raul, has been missing for the last 13 years. Despite this the group has had a long series of adventures together. Many successes, and some failures as well. The...

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The New TSnowCrash.com

You might notice some changes around the TSnowCrash.com website.  I have worked hard to come up with a new layout and design that I am sure you will love as much as I do.  But that's not all, you will also find a few new features on the site as well.  For example the...

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RIP Scott Carlson My Friend

After a life long battle with diabetes and the related complications, our dear friend and brother, Scott Carlson slipped away "across the universe." We could easily fill a book with wonderful memories of Scott, but over the upcoming weeks and months the stories will...

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Piano Cover – Who Wants To Live Forever? (Queen)

This song will be played at my memorial service, we will all die, no one makes it out alive, you might as well enjoy the time you have to the best of your ability.  Love with all your heart, live with all your spirit, and make the most of what you got while you have...

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