Welcome to TSnowCrash.com.  This is the portal to all things far and wide related to me, my content, and my social profiles.  I am a YouTube Content Creator,  Twitch.tv Streamer, and avid geek.  You can find pretty much anything you want to know about me here.  Have a look around, and if you like what you see, maybe consider subscribing to me on YouTube or following me on twitch or twitter.  Or even supporting me on Patreon.  I love meeting new people so please, feel free to say hi. Let’s be friends!

Gaming content will consist of Minecraft, Rocket League, Grand Theft Auto 5, ARK Survival, and other games that may strike me at the time.  Minecraft will be 99% W92Baj Patreon Server.  But I may occasionally throw another Minecraft video up on my channel from time to time.  I have a modpack I designed, that you can freely download and play.  Other content you will find on my YouTube channel will be occasional unboxings, vlogs, and music related videos.  I have a wide range of content so hopefully you will find something you like.

My Latest BLOG Post:

America Sucks Right Now

I don’t post political stuff very often, mostly because I hate politics, all politics. But I need to say something I’ve been thinking for quite some time. This is just my openion on the current state of America   This scene from The Newsroom always stays...

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Minor Website Updates

I decided to do some minor tweaks to the website.  Nothing major, just some basic housekeeping.  For example, I removed some outdated info, and split the menu into two sections.  The top red menu bar is Secondary links such as Home, About, and...

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One of the Hardest Songs Ever!

This has to be one of the hardest covers I think I’ve ever done.  After attempting to record the song 33 times the first day, and failing repeatedly I gave up.  The second day I started off feeling less tired, and by the 11th attempt I nailed it.  So after 44...

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